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Many people have written to me and asked where I get my inspirations from to write.  The simple answer is from my life's experiences. I try to talk about Faith, Love, Beauty and Nature in many words. If another person gets something out of what I have written then I have achieved something worthwhile with my life. If I can help one person, then that is all I want.

As I said on my previous page, I was born in Trieste, Italy in 1952 and came to Australia in 1956. I grew up in small country towns in Western Australia. Being immigrants without much money times were tough in the 1950's and early 1960's. Our basic diet was goat and kangaroo meat and whatever vegetables my parents would have growing in the garden at the time. Money was scarce, life was hard, and we went without many times. I left school at fourteen and a half years of age and went to work full time, firstly at the petrol station and later at a gold mine. My first job was as an apprentice fitter, but the pay was very poor. At about that time something happened to me that I never talk about, suffice to say I believe that was the roots of my complete abhoration of child abuse in any form. Not long after I decided it was time to leave home, so I went and worked for various places whilst finding my own way in this world.

I went to work for the Government Main Roads Department, working as a tractor driver and later as a bulldozer driver. I returned to my home town for a short time later to work underground in the gold mines. This was in the late 1969 and the Vietnam war was very much in the news. I made a decision that I would join the Army and go and fight in Vietnam. I joined the Australian Army on January 2nd 1970, but they had different ideas for me. After normal aptitude testing, it was decided that the Army would train me as an aircraft fitter, which I didn't really mind although it did mean I was committing to a lot of study. I spent six months attached to the Royal Australian Air Force, doing a theory course about aircraft, and then moved back into the Army system. I enjoyed the work and it looked as if I was actually heading somewhere in life and perhaps be in a position to leave my past behind me. In 1974 at an annual medical check, it was ascertained that my hearing was deteriorating from the continued exposure to aircraft noise and I was moved immediately to a desk job. I hated it and eventually took my discharge from the Australian Army on 15th August 1975. I never did get to serve in Vietnam and in retrospect I guess I have something to be grateful for.

In early 1972, I met a friend, John and through him his Parents and they are a family who have become very special to me. They taught me how to love myself and through that how to love others. Sadly I lost my good friend on 9th November 1974 as a result of a motor vehicle accident, but I always kept in touch with the family. His Mother went home to Heaven to join him in 1999, and sadly on 4th May 2006 I had to say goodbye to my second father. That really left a great hole in my life as were very special to me. On the night of John's Mother's funeral I came home and wrote a poem I called "Two Special People".  Through John I was asked to join a youth group known as the YCW (Young Christian Workers). I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so I went along and met some of the nicest people I have ever met. Many of them remain friends to this day, and one was to become my dear wife.

To John and your parents, I will see you all when God calls me home. Thank you for memories that will never die. To other members of the family who I will not name, thank you all. I was blessed from the day you all entered my life. None of you will ever know just what a difference you have made to me. Without you, I would never be the man I am today. I am by far a better man.

In September 1972 all the YCW groups in South East Queensland were invited to join together for a weekend, and I went along and met a girl who fascinated me. She lived on Queensland's Gold Coast and I was able to get her address of her. I also broke my arm that same day. Who would have thought a broken arm would play an important part in my future. A couple of weeks later, along with a few friends, we all decided to visit the Gold Coast for the day. As my arm was in plaster, I was unable to go swimming so I thought I would pass the day by visiting the girl I had met on that weekend. I visited her every weekend after that until March 1974, when we were married. From the time I joined the YCW my life had turned around and I have no regrets about anything since. In 1979 I applied and was accepted to join the Queensland Police Force, a job I absolutely enjoyed, but that too was to come to an early end. In 1989 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that cost me my job. I was retired and since then my health has suffered even further and I also have a number of other health issues but I accept them and lay no blame.

I accept willingly what my God has laid out for me and they are all parts of the crosses we all have to bear in our lives. Some have heavier crosses than others, but who am I to question? I ask for no pity or sympathy, I learned to forgive a long time ago, although forgiveness does not mean forget. The only sad thing that does concern me is that my seven siblings do not keep in contact. I have tried on a number of occasions to have contact and in that I have failed. I can do no more. Only God can judge if I have done enough and He will do that when my time comes. I hold no grudges and have no regrets. I have achieved some things and not achieved others, but I have done my best in all I have attempted. I can do no more. My life is in the hands of my God.

The next page contains a list about my statistics, thoughts and beliefs.

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