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So you can understand a bit more about me 

Here are a few of my thoughts, beliefs and statistics

1. I am 5 feet 11 inches or 182 cm tall.

2. I used to be fit and healthy.

3. I believe in God.

4. I admire Mother Teresa and all her works.

5. I don't believe you need to attend church to be a Christian.

6. I go to church some of the time, but I try to be a Christian all the time.

7. I believe all men were created equal, regardless of colour or creed.

8. I don't believe in abortion.

9. I am a Scorpio.

10. I married a Scorpio.

11. I don't know why I told you that because I don't believe in astrology.

12. I have been married for 40 years (As at March 2014)

13. I loved being a Police Officer. It gave me a sense of helping others.

14. I have been blessed with four beautiful daughters.

15. I get on with my Mother-in-Law.

16. I have four brothers and three sisters.

17. My favourite colour is blue.

18. My favourite number is 18. (Notice that is Fact #18)

19. I love my wife.

20. I would rather live in the country than the city.

21. I admire the patriotism of the citizens of the USA.

22. I don't watch much television.

23. I prefer to watch real life drama when I do watch television.

24. I am not a movie buff.

25. I love Country and Western music.

26. I am not a racist.

27. I love German Shepherd dogs.

28. I am not a procrastinator, if something needs to be done, I do it.

29. When I was fit and healthy I weighed 75 kilograms (165 pounds)

30. I won't tell you what I weigh now.

31. I love my country (Australia)

32. I lost all my teeth in a car accident at 18 years of age.

33. I wear hearing aids.

34. I wear glasses for reading.

35. I am blind in my right eye due to an accident in 1993.

36. Despite all of the above, I still have all my own hair.

37. I have a sense of humour.

38. I didn't have any religious input into my life until I was 19.

39. I have lots of acquaintances, but only a few good friends.

40. Most of my good friends are considerably older than me.

41. I believe religious sects to be dangerous and evil. (Remember Jonestown)

42. I love the pomp and ceremony of military drill  parades.

43. I don't blindly follow any political ideology.

44. I believe Politicians start out with good intentions but are corrupted by power.

45. I have done some things I regret, but I regret not doing other things.

46. I have 13 grandchildren.

47. I despise child abuse in any form.

48. I don't drink alcohol. (since 1986)

49. I don't drink coffee. (since 1984)

50. I don't smoke. (since 2003)

51. I have one cup of tea in the morning, then I drink water or milk.

52. I usually only eat one meal a day in the evening.

53. I hate SPAM E-Mail.

54. I often wonder if anti virus companies write their own viruses so they can sell their products.

55. I have a licence to drive any type of car, truck or motor cycle.

56. I have worked 5000 feet underground in a gold mine.

57. I believe my time in the Australian Army made a man out of a boy.

58. I like long hair on women, but not on men.

59. I used to be an extrovert, but I am not any longer.

60. I prefer the company of my family to being in a crowd.

61. I enjoy looking around shopping centres.

62. I like life in the quiet lane.

63. I am not scared of death.

64. My Father-in-Law was a good friend until he passed away in 1989.

65. I have a chronic back problem.

66. I used to prospect for gold in my spare time.

67. I had a half ounce nugget I found made into a pendant for my wife.

68. I used to enjoy watching sport, but it has become too professional.

69. When I was fit, I had stamina, rather than speed.

70. When I get the urge to read, I read a lot.

71. I enjoy history and current affairs.

72. I do not like seeing mountains made out of molehills.

73. I hated French at school.

74. I have forgotten how to speak, read and write Italian.

75. I thank my wife with a kiss after every meal.

76. I don't like hypocritical people.

77. I am a Justice of the Peace for the State of Queensland, Australia.

78. My favourite male singer is Slim Dusty (Australian)

79. My favourite female singer is Patsy Cline.

80. My favourite song is "Stop The World and Let Me Off" by Patsy Cline.

81. I watched my first television show when I was 17 years old.

82. I didn't live in a house with electricity until I was 12 years old.

83. My favourite Authors are Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson.

84. My favourite book is "The Blue Knight" by Joseph Wambaugh.

85. You will usually find me barefoot, wearing shorts and a polo shirt.

86. I believe the worst invention of mankind was the atomic bomb, followed by the plastic bag.

87. I have no phobias.

88. I strive to achieve the best result in anything I undertake.

89. I am creative with my hands.

90. I believe you can learn something new every day.

91. I don't believe in euthanasia.

92. I don't believe in man playing God, in embryo creation purely for research.

93. I believe we all need to learn from mistakes of the past.

94. I consider it an honour to have served my country and my community.

95. I have brown eyes (or should that be I have one brown eye?~smile)

96. I have the utmost admiration for all who have served their country in any capacity.

97. My favourite saying is "Be at peace with God, whatever you perceive Him to be" (From Desiderata)

98. I moved 39 times in my first 37 years of life.

99. I didn't have things that hard, compared to those who came before me.  They lived through two world wars and a depression era.

100. I didn't think it would be this hard to write 100 things about yourself.

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