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I look into the distance
And see that flowing stream
I donít know where itís going
Or even where itís been

I see that bridge
That spans creek banks
And for that bridge
I just say thanks

Beneath that bridge
The waters flow on by
And I realise
That my hopes are high

Just for what I am searching
I really am not sure
But I guess itís your love
That Iím looking for

So to cross that span
I do make a start
As I search for a way
Into your heart

We meet in the middle
But we do not say much
For at first
Itís just a simple touch

But that touch you make
Does just electrify
And my heart is racing
I feel as if I could fly

Fly like an eagle
In the sky above
Just soaring along
On the wings of love

Now we hold so tight
It is just you and I
Standing on that bridge
As the water flows on by

Just like that water
That moves below
I pledge my love to you
Will always show

So that bridge did join
What the waters separate
And although we waited
It was never too late

For that love I have
Has no beginning or end
Will always be there for you
My confidant, lover and friend

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
22nd April 2006
All Rights Reserved

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