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It was back in nineteen thirty nine,
And I had only just become a man,
But things did happen in this world,
That forced me to change my plans.

I looked at what was happening,
And knew what I could see,
Would mean Iíd wear a uniform,
And help keep Australia free.

There were so many of us then,
That thought along those lines,
And the more we all did look around,
The more we saw the signs.

As thousands left Australian shores,
To face this awful fight,
We did so for our childrenís future,
As we did what we thought was right.

And although we fought our hardest,
And spent so long from home,
We knew that through this whole time,
We would never be alone.

For no matter just how hard it was,
Nor what might take so long,
When it was finally over,
We would rejoice with Australian songs.

It took some years and lots of lives,
But we did in the end win,
And I think I speak for all that lived,
They hoped to never see the same again.

So many thousands failed to return,
And now lie in peace for evermore,
But it was with sadness that we left them,
On another countryís shore.

We hoped and prayed that was the end,
Of manís inhumanity to man,
But we saw so soon ahead,
Both Korea and Vietnam.

Now once again our nations young,
Are called to leave their mark,
As they stand beside our faithful friends,
In a foreign land Ė Iraq.

Yes we are in our eighties now,
Those that still survive,
And I guess that we should give some thanks,
For the fact that weíre alive.

But instead I sit and think so deeply,
Of the years from then till now,
And wonder why the changes,
That have just occurred somehow.

We used to all just be as one,
And always Australians be,
But what I see now everywhere,
Is almost a mystery.

So many people live here,
But how many say "Australiaís mine?"
I have to ask the question,
"Was my fight a waste of time?"

Did I fight for a country?
That always would be free,
Because as I look around just now,
Iím pleased that Iím now eighty.

I donít see the things that I once knew,
They seem from a different land,
And what is all around me now,
I find hard to understand.

It was a land of the "Fair Go",
And always help a mate,
But thatís gone somewhere in the past,
It seems to be out of date.

Each now has their own axe to grind,
And care more about their past,
When they should choose what they do want,
And not put Australia last.

Some call it multiculturalism,
A land of many nations,
But Iím so glad Iíve lived my life,
When we were all Australian.

So to you youth of this land of ours,
I ask you to stop and say,
I might have come from somewhere else,
But Iím Australian from today.

At least I myself will know,
And those that stood right by my side,
That what we did was for Australiaís sake,
And we did so with much pride.

Then Iíll go to my grave happy,
If I see all unite as friends,
So instead of so many differences,
Weíre all Australians once again.

Dark Blue Knight
28th October 2005
All Rights Reserved

Digger ~ Australian Soldier

Fair Go ~ Being fair, being in agreement.

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