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No matter where I look,
And no matter where I stand,
I know I see before me,
A unique piece of land.

This wide brown land spreads out,
So far to the horizon,
But I know that if I ever call,
Someone will surely come.

As I gaze across the view,
I know what I see because,
I love this place with all my heart,
This place we just call Oz.

There is one thing about this land,
That seems to hold its grace,
For once you’ve stepped upon our shores,
You’ll never leave this place.

You’ll want to stay forever,
Spend as much time as you can,
Just looking through this land of ours,
And meeting fellow man.

Maybe sometime will happen,
You’ll just want to be alone,
And think like those of us around,
That call this land our home.

No matter where you look on Earth,
I’m sure you’ll never see,
All that we have to show you,
With so much variety.

But it is not our flora only,
Or fauna that I speak,
Our terrain is also different,
For Oz is so unique.

We’re spread across great distance,
And we’ve heard of other places boast,
Of just how large they think they are,
At them we smile the most.

For our properties are so vast,
To travel them takes a while,
We don’t measure by the acre,
But instead the square mile.

So if you take a moment,
And plan where you will be,
I know that there’ll be something,
That you will want to see.

It might be a rainforest,
Or snow topped mountain range,
Then if you travel inland,
You’ll see so much will change.

From fertile land for farming,
To where there’s no man or beast,
It’s just too hard to even try to explain,
What lies from West to East.

The place we call red centre,
Are the deserts where men died,
As they set out upon a journey,
To reach the other side.

Those that live in country,
Are different kind of friend,
For they will never turn away,
Another who calls in.

Sit down and boil the billy,
Enjoy a mug of tea,
Then eat a slice of damper,
Beneath the stars we see.

Then lie down a while and rest again,
For tomorrow’s a new day,
And there’s so much you still need to do,
So you better plan to stay.

For I guarantee that if you choose to,
You will surely stay a while,
And very soon you’ll be like us,
And walk that "country mile".

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
8th June 2005
All Rights Reserved

For Non-Australian Readers

Billy :- A tin can with a wire handle used for boiling water over a camp fire to make tea.

Damper :- Bush bread, basically flour and water cooked on a camp fire and served with an Australian favourite –"Golden Syrup" which is made from sugar cane. "Golden Syrup" is known in the Australian bush as "Cocky’s Joy". A "Cocky" is Australian slang for a farmer or land owner.

Country Mile :- Generally speaking, a very long way.

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