A Lesson By Dark Blue Knight

Can you tell me truthfully
What would you choose to do
If an untruth was needed
Would you tell a lie or two

For I asked that of a man one day
And he said he must confess
That surely he had seen in life
When his answer would be yes

He looked at me with smile on face
Directly in the eye
Told me of a story when
He kept the truth from his reply

There was one day now past in life
He’s found himself before a court
Asked by the judge to please tell all
And only the truth to please report

Had been asked if he was aware
If a lie he chose to tell
Said he had been told when young
It would surely lead to hell

So then his story he began
Of what he’d said that day
It wasn’t really all the truth
But he had told it anyway

I couldn’t help but ask of him
Why did he choose to lie
Was there any reason
For the truth to just deny

Well, you know he said
The judge asked the same of me
He said he had heard so many things
And my lies were there to see

So I looked up to where he sat
Said, it depends just on your views
Because if I told the truth right now
My case I’d surely lose

Now as I look back on that day
There’s one thing I realised
For no matter how hard you try
The truth cannot be disguised

Now here’s a lesson for us all
No matter what we do
There’s always someone who will know
If we tell a lie or two

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
6th November 2008
All Rights Reserved

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