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Towards a little solitude
Is the thought of every man
To sit and just be alone
Sometimes if he can

So where do I find solitude
Where there is no one else to push
Perhaps the simplest method
Is to simply go out bush

So off I went alone one day
Into the deepest trees
All I wanted was to be alone
With nothing else but me

Just after a few moments
Of thinking of my cares
I realised I was not alone
The trees and animals were there

So once again I just decided
To find another place
Where I could be just alone
And simply set the pace

I thought of going out to sea
Just self in a small boat
But very soon I realised
That the fish would somehow gloat

There must be somewhere I thought
Where I can be all alone
Somewhere to sit and ponder
And just be on my own

I just wanted to be totally alone
Deep within my thoughts
I didnít want distractions
Of any type or sort

I thought a lot and then it dawned
And I began to smile
I had at least one sure place where
Iíd be lonesome for a while

So off I went and sat there
Just totally alone
So deep within my own thoughts
While seated on the “throne”

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
27th June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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