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Whenever thereís times of trouble,
And feels like no one left to share,
I stop and ask the question,
"Is there anyone whoíll care?"

I sometimes feel so lonesome,
And stand around alone,
Wonder if I do belong,
Within my very home,

Look at the world around me,
See so much pain and strife,
I guess itís only normal,
"Is this really a true life?"

I sit in total silence,
Even though my family call,
I cannot seem to fathom,
What has occurred to one and all.

It was not all so long ago,
That all did just receive,
A blessing from our God above,
Because they did back then believe.

But times have changed so different,
So many now just laugh,
They have made their choices,
But theyíve chosen the wrong path.

But itís not too late to turn back,
And ask God to forgive,
So you will be upon that journey,
For eternal life to live.

We all have heard the story,
Of how Jesus chose to die,
Upon that cross at Calvary,
So He could hear the peopleís cry.

All I have to do I know,
Is accept what God has planned for me,
And when Iím called back home again,
Itís Heaven that Iíll see.

So I no longer need feel lonesome,
Or think thereís no one cares,
For if I just accept Jesus into my heart,
I know Heís always there.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
12th June 2005
All Rights Reserved

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