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I see the children playing,
As they do run and laugh,
For they are ever moving,
Along their lifetimeís path.

I know most will reach adulthood,
But for some thatís not to be,
And we just ask that eternal question,
Why did that happen just to me?

For yesterday I had a child,
And forever heís now gone,
I sit and cry myself to sleep,
And wonder what Iíd done.

Did I do something that did cause it?
Could I perhaps atone?
Bring my child back to me,
The one that the Lord now calls His own.

For we know that God loves children,
And perhaps He has some cause,
To call a child so early,
To enter Heavenís doors.

I know thereís things that happen,
We simply cannot understand,
But as we move through our lifeís journey,
We must accept whatever God has planned.

Sometimes that is not easy,
And we no longer do feel safe,
For it is our child that has been taken,
And we question our own faith.

For our faith it does seem shattered,
Because we truly did believe,
But our child has gone before us,
As we are left to grieve.

ĎTis times like this weíre tested,
As we ask of God above,
Why did You take my child away?
The one that I do love.

I guess thereís no man made answer,
To the questions we do ask,
For we know not Godís direction,
Or the plans He has in task.

For it is so very easy,
If we never have been there,
But all we can do for them,
Is their pain and grief do share.

Somewhere amongst the grief they feel,
We must somehow show them to accept,
That no one is lost forever,
For Godís promise will be kept.

So one day it will just happen,
And all will be together once again,
The question not, will it happen?
But more simply, when?

So just sit back a moment,
And of course do grieve,
Ask all the questions you feel you need to,
But do not forget to still believe.

For the one that has been taken,
Is now on Heavenís ride,
Perhaps it will be easier,
If you see them as an Angel by your side.

Dark Blue Knight
1st July 2005
All Rights Reserved

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