An Angel On Earth Image By Dark Blue Knight

I look back through my lifetime
And ask, “Did I prove my worth”
Did I reach out to that someone
Was I an Angel here on Earth

You dont need wings to be an Angel
Sometimes a smile will do
As it reaches out to another
And they think, may God bless you

Spread your love and friendship
Think before you speak
Make sure you harm no other
Be they strong, or mild, or meek

We all see the world so different
Wherever we may be
But its what we do within our lifetime
That guides our destiny

I know God created Angels
But not for Him alone
But to help us through our journey
Towards our final home

I know because Ive met one
And she did help to guide
Stood right there beside me
As I moved from side to side

But her efforts were not worthless
For she took my hand and led
And I do know because of her
Im a better man instead

I reached that point in travel
Where I just had to choose
And now I knew the choice that I did make
Would be one I will not lose

That Angel that Id met though
Has been called back home to rest
For shed proved shed been an Angel
And passed each of Gods tests

For shes gone and earned her wings now
As down upon us she does look
Although there is much to trouble
She is pleased with path she took

I know that she is sitting
With Angels there beside
And one day again Ill meet her
When I reach the other side

Until that time I have to try though
And prove my own real worth
So I can truthfully answer when Im asked
Were you an Angel here on Earth

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
10th June 2005
All Rights Reserved

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