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Sitting around so lonely
With no one with which to share
I seemed lost in a world of turmoil
Was there someone that would care
Turned to something from deep past
And offered up a prayer

For many years I lived on silent
Not caring where life led
Forgot my Lord whos suffered for me
Thought of myself instead
Today I saw I should again look for
A belief to keep me in good stead

I guess Id been complacent
Just needed a good shove
To turn back to the Lord Id forgotten
Who was watching from above
And when Id join the flock again
Hed shower me with His love

Went out into quiet countryside
Where the gentle breezes blow
Spoke quietly to the Lord in prayer
What I said, Hed surely know
Asked for a sign Hed heard me
In a way that I would know

The sky above was clouded
As I asked the Lord to be my guide
Thought back to days so long ago
When told, "Believers will be justified"
The clouds seemed to be parting
As the heavens opened wide

The sun did shine so brightly
As if lit up for me
A weight from my shoulders lifted
By that light that I could see
Im sure it was a sign the Lord was giving
How Hed helped to set me free

Freed from my life of turmoil
I would no longer feel the pain
Or that dreaded lonesome feeling
I would not meet again
For I was now part of that kingdom
Where the Lord does truly reign

Now looking down into the valley
I stopped again to pray
Saw the darkened sky above me
Broken by suns bright ray
When the heavens opened for me
On that special day

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
13th March 2008
All Rights Reserved


Chapter 5 : Verse 8

(American Bible)

You yourselves used to be in the darkness, but since you have become the Lords people, you are the light.


For ye were once darkness, but are now light in the Lord: walk as children of light.

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