These pages by no means show a list of all the unique animals that we have in Australia. We are a unique continent with many unique animals.  As I am able to acquire more images I will add to this section.

Kangaroo Blank Koala
Grey Kangaroo Koala Asleep
In Gum Tree

Kangaroos Blank Echidna
Mob Of Kangaroos Echidna
Or Spiny Anteater

Emu Blank Kangaroo
Emu Red Kangaroo

Koala Blank Salt Water Crocodile
Koala Salt Water

Kangaroo and Joey Blank Agile Wallabies
Kangaroo With
Joey In Pouch.
Agile Wallabies
Smaller Than Kangaroo
These Are In The Wild.

Quokka Blank Tame Agile Wallaby
Quokka Pet, Hand Reared
Agile Wallaby.

Dingo Blank Mitchell River Prawns
Dingo Mitchell River

These are wild animals, and seen in various parts of Australia.

Kangaroo : Seen almost anywhere in Australia, although it is often confused with its smaller cousin the Wallaby.  There are different varieties of Kangaroo, the largest of which is the Red Kangaroo which can grow up to two metres (six feet) in height.  Sometimes hunted for its skin and is also eaten by some people.  I personally have eaten a lot of kangaroo meat.

Emu : The Emu is the world's second largest (and flightless) bird after the Ostrich, but it can run at an incredible pace.  They lay a large green coloured egg, which is highly sought after especially by Australia's original inhabitants, (The Aborigines), as they use them to produce beautiful artwork, by scraping and drawing.  The more the shell is scraped back the lighter the original dark green becomes, until it is almost white.  Using these different tones, an incredible work of art can be produced by these very talented people.

Koalas : Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a Koala Bear or originally in Australia as the "Native Bear" the Koala is not a bear at all.  They are found mainly along the Eastern coast and in parts of South Australia.  For many years Koalas were hunted for their fur, but they are now a protected species and hunting them is totally illegal.

Echidna : The Echidna is sometimes called a Spiny Anteater.  As that name suggests, they live on ants and other than their prickles are basically harmless.  They lay eggs to hatch their young.  They are one of only two types of egg laying mammals in the world.  The other is also native to Australia ~ The Platypus.

Salt Water Crocodile : The Salt Water Crocodile is found in Northern parts of Australia and is extremely dangerous to man, and is literally at the top of the food chain.  It has no natural enemies (other than man).  For many years they too were hunted for their skins, but that hunting was banned in the 1970's.  Since that time, their numbers have grown dramatically and there have been calls for their numbers to be culled, especially following fatal attacks on humans.  A large Salt Water Crocodile can grow in excess of six metres (twenty feet) and can easily pull a large bull or cow into the water.  If you ever visit Australia and see a sign that warns of crocodiles, then take heed and do not go swimming.  The old story goes "That if you are ever chased by a Salt Water Crocodile on land, you don't have to out run it.  You only have to out run your friends."

Agile Wallabies : They are a lot smaller than a kangaroo and there are many varieties of wallaby, the "Agile" being just one.  One of the photographs above shows one that I hand reared after its mother was hit by a motor vehicle.  They tame very easily and adapt to humans very well, especially if hand fed whilst young.  Over the years I have raised a number of kangaroos and wallabies.

Quokka : Found on Rottnest Island of the coast of Perth, Western Australia, and also in small areas of mainland Western Australia, in the south west area.  A very small marsupial, and totally placid.  They are a protected species.  Rottnest Island was so named because early Dutch who landed on the island in the later 1600's thought they were a form of rat, and named the island Rottnest, which is Dutch for Rat's Nest.

Dingo : (This photograph is not my own but taken by Peter Tapscott -  I am unable to contact him regarding use of the photo, but I hope that acknowledging his work is sufficient).  Australia's native dog, although they are not really a dog at all.  Nor are they a wolf, they are a distinct breed and do not bark.  They do howl and it is common to hear them during the night.  A pest in livestock areas, and in some places they have a bounty on them.  In other areas, such as National parks, they are protected.  Normally not harmful to man, although there have been a number of bites to humans recorded and also some deaths, especially to children.  It is best not to try to interact with them, although they will approach humans without any fear.

Mitchell River Prawns : I couldn't resist adding this photo.  These fresh water crustaceans are mainly (and perhaps only) found in the Mitchell River in Far North Queensland.  They are fairly large in size and it is not uncommon to see one that would weigh about 500 grams (one pound).  I used to go after these on a regular basis, often with my boss.  He would telephone me and say "I'm coming up to inspect your station overnight."  I knew exactly what he meant.  We were about to go to the Mitchell River to get some of these prawns.  They are normally dark brown in colour and turn red when cooked.  They do have long arms with pincers on the end, but the pinch is not very severe.  They are however cannibalistic, so if you get two in a trap at the same time, one will eat the other.

For photographs of animals that are Australian States Fauna Emblems, please visit each State Page. Most States have at least two animals as a Fauna Emblem.

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