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So silent now within his grave
Wherever he does lie
An ANZAC who did give his life
While far too young to die

Left behind a land of peace
Where he had roamed so free
Sailed away to foreign shores
To that place …… Gallipoli

A boy of only 16 years
For adventure he did crave
Did not think for one moment
He would be listed with the brave

Told a lie about his age
So he could go with all his friends
But in the times ahead that did unfold
On those he would depend

Went ashore at Gallipoli
On that darkened April morn
And before the sun above shone bright
The ANZAC legend would be born

As he rushed ashore onto the sands
He had a mate on either side
But before they had left the water’s edge
Both of his mates had died

The bullets flew like a rain of fire
For the Turks were set up well
No sanctuary could then be found
‘Twas a morn of living hell

The foreboding cliffs rose up ahead
But like all ‘round he showed defiance
For he had to climb up to the top
If he was to stand a chance

When he finally reached the top
And looked at the carnage on the sands
Was this the adventure he had craved
When he’d left for foreign lands

For eight long months that battle raged
It was almost inhumane
But when they finally left that place
He would not hear his name

He was one of those left behind
In that place where they did fall
But his deeds were not forgotten
Part of the ANZAC legend to recall

The true sadness of those days were felt
For it was a lost campaign
One of those now left behind
His life was gone in vain

From those bloodied shores of Gallipoli
Where the ANZACS carved their name
Lives in thousands had been lost
But no one would take the blame

Because of that sunrise at Gallipoli
Where so many ANZACS died
We now join on an April morn
To recall those men with pride.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
23rd April 2009
All Rights Reserved


Shortly after 4.15 am on the morning of April 25th 1915, the men of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ANZAC stormed the beaches at Gallipoli against an underestimated Turkish force. The battle that followed was brutal with both forces maintaining their ground. In December 1915, the ANZACS were recalled from Gallipoli leaving behind thousands of dead.

There has been a lot of debate as to what went wrong, and the most accepted version is that the British Generals had erred in calculating the landing place and as such the ANZACS had little chance to establish any defensive position as they were immediately under heavy fire.

This was the first time Australian Soldiers had fought as an Army under the Australian Flag. In previous conflicts, Australian contingents had been sent from various States, but following Federation on 1st January 1901, the Army came under control of the new Federal government.

The landings at Gallipoli are an indelible part of Australia’s history and more particularly in defining Australia as a single united Federation rather than a number of States.

As a result of the landing at Gallipoli on that morning of 25th April 1915, it has become the date that Australia stops and recalls all those who have served in the armed forces. ANZAC DAY generally begins with a Dawn Service at exactly the same time of the first landings at Gallipoli. Marches and Parades are held in almost every city and town throughout Australia.

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