A Simple Ring By Dark Blue Knight

I look down at my left hand
See this simple band of gold
To me it means the world dear
Shows the love that I do hold

This ring shows that I have chosen
To give my love to you
Just like a perfect circle
Never ending and so true

For that gold, it may be precious
But its worth does not compare
With that very special feeling
Of the true love that I share

There is simply nothing like it
To share the love Iíve found
On that day that we were married
I felt like a king just newly crowned

You took my hand in yours dear
I can recall the words you said
With your face beaming oh so brightly
"With this ring, I do thee wed"

It has never left my hand love
From that day until now
And it will remain throughout my lifetime
To show I respect my solemn vows

It may be a simple ring of gold dear
And its worth I do not know
But the thing I find most precious
Is the love that it does show

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
30th October 2008
All Rights Reserved

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