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I looked and saw that someone,
Was waiting there for me,
I could not tell if they were asking,
Or telling me to see.

So I stood just a while longer,
And opened up my eyes,
Could not look away for any moment,
No matter how I try.

So I venture over to them,
Reach out to hold them near,
Said in words so ever softly,
"Can I hold you close my dear?"

She reached her arms out to me,
And drew me oh so close,
Then said to me, "Of all the people in here,
I've looked at you the most."

There was something there between us,
We both saw it oh so well,
But we couldn't understand it,
Nor could we even tell.

Led her out into the courtyard,
Stood beneath the stars above,
And looked inward at her beauty,
Somehow knew we'd fell in love.

Walked across the garden,
To a seat that was just there,
Sat down on it together,
Something special we did share.

Held her close beside me,
And everything felt fine,
As we reached towards each other,
Then she pressed her lips to mine.

I'd waited for so many years,
For a moment just like this,
Because there is nothing that can describe it,
As we shared our first ever kiss.

Then from that very moment,
All past loves left behind,
As I said to her with passion,
"Will you always be just mine?"

She looked at me just sitting,
Said, "I won't make you guess,
So in answer to your question,
I will simply say just Yes."

For over thirty years now,
We've never been apart,
And I always will recall it,
When she came into my heart.

That night had started like no other,
But I truly had been blessed,
Because she answered my one question,
With just a simple Yes!

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
12th March 2005
All Rights Reserved

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