A Smile

Image By Dark Blue Knight

What is it that costs nothing,
Itís free to give away,
But it is sure to brighten,
Someone elseís day.

By Dark Blue Knight

It is so very easy,
Not difficult to do,
But when you choose to do so,
The sky seems much more blue.

By Dark Blue Knight

Itís certainly worth taking,
A moment of your time,
To show it to all others,
Iím sure theyíll never mind.

By Dark Blue Knight

You do not need to stop,
Or even to slow down,
You can even do it simply,
Whilst walking around town.

By Dark Blue Knight

Just look at all the people,
Scurry to and fro,
And simply say Iíll do it,
Come on give it a go.

By Dark Blue Knight

You give it out so freely,
Without another thought,
And you will see so quickly,
The joy that it has brought.

By Dark Blue Knight

For of all the things that change,
Throughout the passing years,
There has never been a simpler way,
To say to all; Hi there.

By Dark Blue Knight

So as you head along your life,
No matter where you turn,
Just show this simple gesture,
Youíll get one in return.

By Dark Blue Knight

It can cross all barriers,
Is suitable for all ages,
Because this action really is,
Something, quite contagious.

By Dark Blue Knight

So what is this simple thing,
That makes things so worthwhile,
Iím sure you would have guessed by now,
Itís just a simple smile.

By Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

By Dark Blue Knight

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