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Here amongst our buddies we do sit,
Upon the desertís sands,
Thinking of our loved ones,
And what they might have planned.

We know we feel so lonely here,
Though the friendships have been kind,
It isnít friendship that weíre missing,
But those loved ones left behind.

But we pray it will not be for much longer,
Before to home we have returned,
To leave this place behind us,
Never to forget the things we learned.

Christmas Day is dawning on us,
The day when Christ was born,
But no matter what is told to us,
We all feel a bit forlorn.

It is a soldierís Christmas,
Today we donít want to see that strife,
Just spend Christmas sitting quietly,
Thinking of our husband or our wife.

We remove them from their hiding place,
That we all have in our pack,
Where we hide our precious letters,
To forever carry on our back.

Hold that letter with solemnity,
Smell that loved oneís scent,
Know their hands had written,
Those words and what they meant.

The only shade around us,
Is this enormous tank of steel,
As we sit and talk amongst ourselves,
What will be our Christmas meal?

This great ugly steel vehicle beside us,
On this Christmas Day,
Protect us for that short time,
That we just need to pray.

We gather Ďround together now,
Go down on bended knee,
Just in total silence sit,
As we pray for family.

What is it about a soldierís Christmas?
And why do we feel alone?
We are surrounded by so many friends,
But our loved ones are at home.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
14th November 2006
All Rights Reserved

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