At Heaven's Door ~ Image By Dark Blue Knight

I sit and write
As the sun does rise
And while I think
Tears fill my eyes

Wonder if somehow
Before the sun does set
Some of those things
I will forget

For I cannot run
Nor can I hide
From the things I've seen
On my life's ride

So I put them back
Where they do not show
Into a past
So long ago

There was a time
I know was so wrong
When anger was
What made me strong

I let my anger
Just flow away
And felt tomorrow
Would be a different day

And then instead
I will try to fight
And recall instead
My own highlights

I stopped and looked
With different eyes
Realised what I'd been
Was a disguise

I knew right then
What had to be done
That the road I'd now follow
Would be a different one

I looked and listened
And I heard the cry
Thought to myself
Now I know why

Things that had once been
Were now laid at rest
For they all were
Part of a test

A test laid out
For each one alone
So they could one day
Be called back home

For you to be called
And see Heaven's door
You must accept
What's come before

Once you've done that
And learned to live
Just like our Lord
You'll learn to forgive

And our Lord has told us
That we too
Must love one another
"As I have loved you"

Forgiveness is
Just a small part
You must also accept
God into your heart

Love and forgiveness
Go hand in hand
For when you have both
You'll fulfil God's plan

For when you stand
At Heaven's door above
The key you'll need
Is forgiveness and love

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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