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They removed His body from the cross
And wrapped it in a shroud
For they had judged the Son of God
And His death they had avowed

So silently they moved along
And not a noise was heard
There was stillness everywhere
For no one said a word

It was just three decades before
He was born of Mary’s womb
But now they carried Him
Into that darkened tomb

They lay His body on the ground
And thought they could not lose
For they had crucified Him
Jesus ~ King of the Jews

Moved so quickly from that tomb
And rolled rock into place
For they dared not open up that shroud
And see the Lord’s dear face

So as they sealed the entrance
They thought not what they had done
And surely did not realise
Just what was soon to come

So on that day as had been told
Our Lord was left to lie
While most around ignored it
There were some who chose to cry

Two nights then passed so quietly
And on third day a shock
Because someone had undertaken
To move that tomb’s great rock

As they entered there within it
They saw the shroud with bloodied stain
And knew the prophecy had been fulfilled
For the Lord did rise again

In awe they sat and wandered
As to what would happen next
And our Lord appeared before them
Set for all a simple test

"Go out and teach the people
That you have seen my face
They too can share eternity with me
If they only ask my grace"

Oh, Lord in dying you did show us death
And surely felt the pain
But in rising you restored our life
And showed we too can live again

So now on this journey in our lives
We surely will at times fail
But if we allow you in to guide us
We’ll return to the right trail

So it started out so sweetly
As you were born of Mary’s womb
But the final resurrection came
On the day you left that tomb

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th March 2006
All Rights Reserved

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