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Someday soon just do it,
Be it daylight or in dark.
Just decide to simply,
Take a walk within a park.

The park may be small and compact,
Or surrounding a huge lake.
Whatever you have near you,
Make sure some time to take.

Leave your troubles elsewhere,
Go without a care.
Just walk along and so enjoy,
A walk in the fresh air.

Have your dearest with you,
Together as was planned.
Just walk along together,
Holding hand to hand.

‘Tis oh so good to share with them,
Your thoughts that are so deep.
For if you trust your loved one,
No secrets you should keep.

If you begin to tire a little,
Just sit upon the ground.
And share whatever comes to mind,
Be if light or most profound.

But do not be too serious,
Be sure you do not miss.
To take the time you may have,
To share a simple kiss.

And if the sun is shining,
Enjoy the warmth and light.
Just for a while see simple things,
It does feel so very right.

Should darkness be upon you,
You can still be kept in tune.
With your loved one simply sharing,
The romance of the Moon.

Forget for a while the hassles,
Or any kind of strife.
For just that few short moments,
Enjoy your very life.

If you be so fortunate,
The park you also share.
With animals and birds around,
Try to show you care.

It will be so peaceful,
And serenity you’ll find.
To share yourself with loved one,
And nature in your mind.

So someday soon just do it,
Get away from technology.
Get back in tune with nature,
And enjoy the world you’ll see.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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