Since I first began building my own site, I have received many awards.  At one time I also gave out Awards to many different sites.  However it seems that Awards have become so common place that they have lost their meaning.  I know there are sites that are purely dedicated to giving rated Awards, but I have chosen never to apply for any Award.  I have and still do receive Awards from others and they are all saved and very meaningful to me.  However to show them all results in many pages of graphics, that unfortunately not many people visit.  From past experience, visitors to Awards pages are very few.  I also found that my own Awards that I had given out were appearing on sites that I had not awarded them to, even though the site owner had claimed that to be a fact.  Obviously they were simply taking them off other sites, and suggesting I had found their own site worthy, even though I had never actually visited the site in question.  I have discontinued the practice of giving my own Awards to any site unless it has been made specifically for a single site.  I pride myself on having a "Family Friendly Site" and it is impossible to know what others might add to their site, at any time in the future.  That could lead to an impression that I endorse the contents of the site, where the opposite could well be the case.  I simply refuse to link my own site, or have it linked to any site that I consider offensive in any way.  For that reason I have decided to display only very few Awards that I do receive.  If you have sent me an Award and it is not displayed I apologise, I do not mean it to be in any way offensive to you and it does not mean I find your site offensive.  I am purely showing Awards that were received with some very special comments.  They are linked to their respective sites.

Thank You Francine                    Thank You Francine

Thank You Susie                    Thank You Melva

Thank You Shy                    Thank You Shy

Thank You Karen                    Thank You Karen

Thank You Karen                    Thank You Brenda

Thank You Brenda                    Thank You Brenda

Thank You Southbreeze                    Thank You

Thank You Sunshine                    Thank You Andrea

Thank You Christine                    Thank You Christine

Thank You Christine                    Thank You Elizabeth ~ Award For Winning Poetry Competition That Someone Entered One Of My Poems Into

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