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Just sitting one day thinking
Of things that might have been
Asking myself continuous
Could I change what I had seen

I knew I could not alter
Those days already gone
But could I somehow change direction
That Iíd travelled for so long

I was never one to question
Allowed time just to pass
Flowed along with all around me
Trying never to harass

But for reasons now unknown
I begin to think of my lifeís role
Could I look forward in my mind
And set my own new goal

For too long I just accepted
Never questioning what flowed
Found myself just one of many
People on lifeís road

I guess I found it simpler
To have little or no vision
Let myself be led along
And let others make decisions

I found I just existed
Upon this place called Earth
Never realising just how much
I really could be worth

I suppose I knew Iíd plenty
Of things that I could give
But took the easy way for me
In choosing just to live

The time has come for me now
To stop and look around
Do some of my own thinking
And my input to expound

Itís taken many years I know
To realise I can
Have something to offer
To another fellow man

I may not be so wealthy
What I have adds not to much
But what I do have is compassion
And others' hearts and minds can touch

For once I will now listen
To my thoughts and to my mind
Give all I have left of my life
To assist those of mankind

If they wish to turn to me
And ask me for some hope
Iíll use my lifeís experience
Perhaps helping them to cope

No matter what one studies
Or diplomas they may show
The greatest teacher in this life
Is experience, that I know

Nothing can ever alter
The lessons one has found
By keeping his eyes open
And his feet upon the ground

My life has been so complex
Of laughter sorrow and deep care
And finally itís dawned on me
The time has come to share

No one can be a loner
Keeping all unto oneself
For when all is said and done
Experience is lifeís wealth

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
20th October 1999
Revised 16th June 2008
All Rights Reserved

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