Sit and read the story,
Thatís written in the Gospel,
Of the birth of our Lord Jesus,
And the story it does tell.

Then just move your thinking sideways,
And see what really shows,
For the greatest of events,
Can be seen in a white rose.

For Mary, you were chosen,
In all your great perfection,
To be the virgin mother,
Of our Lord amongst all women.

That makes you oh so perfect,
Like a rose that I do see,
As you glow with inner beauty,
Shining out for you and me.

Itís the child that you are bearing,
That makes you shine so bright,
For that most perfect of all flowers,
Is showing radiant white.

That white does show perfection,
And the rose just who you are,
For you were chosen to be special,
To give birth to our Saviour.

And every year we do recall,
That night so long ago,
As you gave birth in that lowly stable,
To the Lord we all now know.

So now itís almost Christmas,
As we all do join and sing,
The blooming of the white rose,
And all that it did bring.

For Godís Son might have been a baby,
But He would show whatís right,
And lead us all on the righteous path,
Because you were a rose of white.

Perhaps you do not think of roses,
But think back to that manger where He lay,
Recall the reason that we celebrate,
Is because Christ was born on Christmas Day.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
7th December 2005
All Rights Reserved

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Happy Birthday Jesus
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