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Why does it seem to happen
And give me such a start
I always seem to feel it
That extra beat within my heart

It races that much faster
One thing I know for sure
It only seems to happen
When you walk in the door

My eyes do set upon you
And your beauty that does shine
And the thing that I am thinking
Is "I wish that she was mine"

Iíve seen you oh so often
Sometimes itís everyday
But I just donít know how to reach you
Or the words that I should say

So once again you pass on by me
Another chance has passed me by
And Iím left with only visions
Of you within my eyes

Somehow I need the courage
To reach out and fill my need
For when that does finally happen
Who knows where it will lead

So next time you come through that doorway
No matter what the time
Iíll walk right over to you
And say, "Please will you be mine"

Depending on the words you use
For I know they will be real
They will hold that unknown answer
Of how my heart will feel

So now you are about to enter
And that to me is the sign
So I walk directly to you
And say, "Please, will you be mine"

You smile at me so sweetly
And give a look that is so sure
That you need never answer
For weíll be together evermore

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
18th December 2005
All Rights Reserved

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