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Alone again, beneath the trees,
His eyes did search the sky.
Searching for he knew not what,
Another day had passed him by.
No idea what future held,
But the past did make him cry.

But what it was he tried to seek,
He did not have a clue.
It seemed that stronger forces,
Would show him what to do.
He could not return to what had been,
That much he already knew.

His life had been so shattered,
It seemed beyond repair.
When all he loved was taken,
There was no one left to care.
Life had become so different,
Just like a long nightmare.

As he lay there oh so silent,
Beneath the sleeping moon.
Own thoughts were etched so deeply,
His mind began to swoon.
Wondered if he really could,
Face another sunrise soon.

He recalled it oh so clearly,
The day his mind could never lose.
A day that began like any other,
Till someone hit the booze.
The first he knew was knock on door,
The Police with tragic news.

His family had all been killed,
By person then unknown.
But seeds of that tragedy,
In local pub were sown.
They later found the one who drove,
But still he was alone.

Left everything behind him,
Just walked an unknown track.
Wandering aimlessly through the bush,
He knew his mind would crack.
But somehow he had decided,
He wasn’t going back.

Sat upon the ground so damp,
His back against a tree.
Made up his mind what he would do,
To let himself go free.
For in a few short moments,
His loved ones he would see.

Did no longer hesitate,
A simple prayer he said.
Took his pistol from his belt,
Aimed it at his head.
Then it was all over,
No more nightmares he would dread.

Beneath the sleeping moon he lay,
No more with inner pain.
At peace now just forever,
With family once again.
And the heavens shed a tear for him,
As it gently began to rain.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
September 1999
All Rights Reserved

Sadly the above poem is based on an actual event. The individual who drove, was later charged with numerous offences including drink driving and was sentenced to a short term of imprisonment. He was released on parole soon after. That night he chose to drink and drive caused the direct death of three people, and the indirect death of another. A few months incarceration for four lives. Drinking and driving are a lethal cocktail and kills many thousands of people around the world each year. Sadly, because it has become so prevalent it seems that we simply accept deaths and injury on our roads as an acceptable part of living in a motorised society. Just consider two facts for a moment!

(1) If there is any other type of accident which kills someone there is a major investigation into the causes. It is reported widely and everyone seems to be aware of it. A traffic incident barely rates a mention if ever and only those directly involved are generally aware of the facts, unless it involves some high profile individual. Even a light aircraft crash that kills two people can lead to an investigation that may take months, but deaths as a result of a traffic incidents are simply recorded and very little further is done. It is not the fault of those charged with the investigative powers, as in most instances they are either not trained for that task, or they are allocated inadequate resources.

(2) Although you may not hear or read about the statistics, every person who is killed or maimed as a result of a traffic incident is someone's Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt, Friend and so on. You may not know them, but the results of the incident does not stop at the death of the one person. Many are suffering and have to live with this memory for ever. It is a proven statistic that most of the deaths and drink drivers on our roads are under 25 years of age. Take the time to educate your children, it might save their life or the lives of others.

Drinking alcohol or driving when you have used drugs (either legal or illegal drugs) are both equally as dangerous to yourself and every other driver on the road.

If you drink.....Please DO NOT drive.

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