Better Than A Dream Image By Dark Blue Knight

Like a garden out in flower
Air filled with sweet perfume
A kaleidoscope of colour
When true love is in bloom

Your face so filled with radiance
Shines out for all to see
For when we are together
Thereís nowhere Iíd rather be

We can forget for just a short time
Whatever is our role
As we share time with each other
When love does take control

Sitting quietly with you sweetheart
As I gaze into your eyes
For we were meant to be together
Itís loveís bond that truly ties

I truly love you darling
For thereís no other to adore
My love is only for you
And will be for evermore

Come closer to me darling
So I show you just what I mean
How the love we share together
Is better than a dream

Dreams do not last forever
Cannot stand the test of time
But like the sun that rises daily
True love will always shine

Before we met I was so lonely
Seemed I was not going anywhere
But the love that you have given to me
Is an answer to my prayer

Now that I have found you
I want you always at my side
So we spend our lives together
And be each others guide

For we are meant to be together
And share a love that is supreme
Then no matter what befalls us
Our love is better than a dream

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
February 3rd 2009
All Rights Reserved

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