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They were so wild in spirit,
Were there for all to see,
The beauty that surrounded them,
Should always just run free.

Recall so fondly years ago,
When those herds just ran from place to place,
Going where they wanted to,
And where their feet did race.

There must have been a hundred,
Or even a score more,
Their leader stood out from all the rest,
He shone so black for sure.

They would gallop off into the plains,
Those stallions, mares and foals,
Only to return that night,
Back to their waterhole.

So many times I saw them,
And gazed at them with awe,
For they were part of God’s Kingdom,
With all its beauty ‘round in store.

But alas it had to happen,
That man just did with stealth,
He rounded up those animals,
To gain material wealth.

I guess some men just have no conscience,
Because that black stallion had no voice,
So it wasn’t God, or man, or herd,
But wealth that made that choice.

The horse that had been so faithful,
To man for many years,
Had been replaced by the motor car,
So man no longer showed his care.

They’ve been all rounded up now,
No more do they run free,
And that black stallion that led his herd,
My children will not see

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th October 2005
All Rights Reserved

These words are based on actual events.  I recall many years ago when I would be able to go to a water hole not far from the town in which I lived and see one hundred or more wild horses, (Called Brumbies in Australia) for a daily drink.  Then without warning, a group of men simply arrived and slaughtered the entire herd, placed them into refrigerated trucks and sent them off to be processed as pet food.  At least that is what we were told, but I guess we would not know if we were in fact eating these animals in our own hamburgers etc.  They did exactly the same with the large number of camels that also used to frequent that water hole.  Now, there are simply no horses left (or camels) in the area.  I am sure that it was not an isolated case and possibly happened all over Australia, and even in other parts of the world.  The lure of easy wealth simply overtook the common sense that would have allowed these animals to survive.

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