Born To Love You Image By Dark Blue Knight

There are times throughout the journey
Of my lifetime on this earth
When I sometimes ask the question
What am I really worth

Is there someway Iíve made a difference
A small way Iíve played a part
One thing that may be remembered
Long after I depart

Then I think of you my darling
Recall our love so true
Remember all weíve done together
Have I left a mark for you

Yes there have been times of turmoil
When clouds did seem to rise
But our love was there to shine out
And brighten up the skies

Those days of love and sharing
In everything weíd do
Have kept the darkness from us
And let loveís light keep shining through

For no matter whatís befallen
In the life that we have shared
You have always been there for me
And shown how much you cared

I donít need another reason
To prove to all my worth
For I know deep down inside me
My role upon this earth

Thereís pathway for all to follow
That leads to things that we must do
By Godís grace he showed me on that day we met
That I was born to love you true.

Since then our love has never faltered
A love so pure and kind
The love I have for you darling
Are the marks Iíve left behind

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24h March 2009
All Rights Reserved

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