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Just sitting on my own one day
A little out of sorts
Seeing nothing as I looked around
Was lost in my own thoughts

Was seated in my garden
Some movement caught my eye
Could not help but look again
Two majestic butterflies

All around it was so silent
Suddenly my heart did sing
As I watched those things of beauty
Fly ‘round on gossamer wings

I watched them oh so closely
Land lightly on a shrub
And wondered that such beauty
Began life as a grub

There is nothing pretty
About the caterpillar that we see
But nature does somehow transform
It to a thing of great beauty

So now these two butterflies
Flitted to and fro
As they were blown by lightest breeze
Where they wanted selves to show

I saw there in my mind’s eye
Beauty beyond compare
A beauty that only nature knows
And with us all does share

They looked just so majestic
Like Royalty all dressed
I had never seen such splendour
They were by nature blessed

But just then they both decided
Beauty no more to bring
Flew off into the distance
On beautiful gossamer wings

I guess they had just wanted
Their beauty then to share
Not just for me alone
But to all and everywhere

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
22nd September 1999
All Rights Reserved


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