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I took my love by her sweet hand
Tried to show her that I care
So thought we would spend time with each other
And find what we could share

Walked slowly down the moonlit street
Together side by side
For there was no need for talking
As both our hearts did burst with pride

There were so many places
Where we could share that night
But it was my wish that I could sit
With flowers and candlelight

I stole a look then sideways
At my love, that seemed so fair
And somehow it felt like magic
As romance filled the air

We walked on a little further
Her hand was still in mine
It might have been an hour or two
For we had no sense of time

I saw the place just there in front
And it looked so very right
A place where we could sit and dine
By flowers and candlelight

So we turned into the doorway
And although the light was dim
I knew that all would be perfect
As we entered deep within

We sat down at the table
The way that lovers do
And the only words that I could speak
Were “My Darling I love you”

She smiled directly at me
And said, “There’s one thing I do know
For wherever you may lead me
I will be there to follow”

I then looked at the table
As my heart beat with all its might
For sitting in the centre
Were some flowers and candlelight

I guess that was an omen
For ever since that day
We’ve always remained together
And our love did always stay

So if you ever get a message
Then do what you may think is right
Because that is just what I chose to do
When I shared those flowers and candlelight

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
27th August 2005
Revised 3rd July 2008
All Rights Reserved

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