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Life is full of challenges
We meet them every day
But itís the way we do react
That will make the people say

There goes a man who cares a lot
Or perhaps he doesnít care at all
If we just stop and think a while
We see weíre very small

A tiny speck of person
Among all humankind
But what is so important
Is how we use our mind

For we can be so selfish
And choose to just ignore
Those who do choose to love us
But we keep them from the door

Or perhaps we spread our arms out wide
Then welcome one and all
Because we know they need us
As we listen for their call

Give thought for just a moment
To which one you really are
Do you choose to turn a deaf ear
Or hear them from afar

Let me tell you your reaction
Will one day come back to you
Because someone always will recall
Just what you chose to do

And I know we all have met them
Those that just push us all aside
So busy seeking riches
While on their Earthly ride

Think not of all the riches
Or wealth measured by your gold
But recall instead those quiet times
And the truths you have been told

For no matter what your riches
It will not guarantee
A pathway we must look for
That road to eternity

So as you move through lifetimeís journey
And meet those challenges you find
Itís what you do at those moments
That will see your life defined

Our lives will not be measured
By wealth that we may gain
But by how we met those challenges
And helped ease anotherís pain

So no matter what the others see
Itís really what you do
And if you ever have some doubts
Let your conscious be a guide to you

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
15th June 2005
Revised ~ 30th October 2009

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