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Children are so precious
A great miracle to behold
They give a value to your life
Far more than all the gold

From tender age of infant
‘Tis our task to show the way
Help that lovely child of yours
To understand the day

Our children can bring to us
The greatest of all joy
For we laugh and cry along with them
Be they girl or boy

Do not let selfishness take over
Or show your child neglect
If it seems that it could happen
Then stop and just reflect

Reflect on needs of children
You really have no choice
For if you love and guide them
So soon you will rejoice

Rejoice at seeing babies
Grow from year to year
And in their saddest moments
Simply listen to their cares

For sure their saddest moments
To every child’s perception
May not to you seem problem
To them they need protection

Protect your child from others
Who may treat them with disgust
For children must be wary
Of whom they choose to trust

Scorn those that prey on children
They are out there that we know
They seem to have no conscience
The lowest of the low

Love your children dearly
Show always that you care
If you will treat them with respect
For you they will be there

Explain to them the reasons
For whatever you may do
Yes, if they just understand
It will help them follow you

Watch with pride enormous
As your child to adult grows
Let them have their independence
Their thanks; they’ll surely show

Take pride in what your child may do
No matter where they go
For with those deeds they also learn
Their own pride then to show

Acknowledge them when they are right
Correct them when they’re wrong
Help them to follow the right path
And they will grow up strong

To help your child grow older
Promote an education
For those children of today
Will tomorrow lead the nation

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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