Christ Be Our Light

Image By Dark Blue Knight

We live in a world of darkness,
Although the sun shines bright,
We still need your guidance,
So, Christ just be our light.

By Dark Blue Knight

Shine on that pathway for us,
As we tread on through our days,
And with your light just shining,
Our spirits will then raise.

By Dark Blue Knight

The pathway to damnation,
Is short and so well lit,
To travel it through our lifetime,
Doesnít seem to hurt a bit.

By Dark Blue Knight

But the road to Heavenís rocky,
As we climb into the night,
And that climbing will be much easier,
If You will be our light.

By Dark Blue Knight

We see the crossroads there before us,
And plan our life ahead,
But we must choose so wisely,
And by your light be led.

By Dark Blue Knight

It might be a world of darkness,
But only if we fail to see,
That you have shone your light there for us,
So we can be with you eternally.

By Dark Blue Knight

Your light will shine out always,
Much brighter than the sun,
We only need to find you,
And we know we will have won.

By Dark Blue Knight

Won that fight against the darkness,
Filled with the spirit of your might,
And all we need to do is ask you,
Christ, just be our light.

By Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight
4th March 2007
All Rights Reserved

By Dark Blue Knight

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