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Rainbows are so pretty
But what do they really mean
Is there a hidden message
In that beauty you have seen

The colours of the spectrum
That arc across the sky
Are really something special
Don’t let the moment pass you by

I know not what you reason
The meaning just to be
But I will share with you my feelings
Of what they mean to me

The red that tops the rainbow
Reminds me of those who fought
In history’s many conflicts
Freedom with young lives bought

Orange of the archway
Shows each day beginning and its end
Of daily sunrise in the east
To then set in west again

Yellow of the colours
Is like the burning sun
That moves across the sky each day
Till another day is done

The Earth around me I do see
Reflected in the green
Nature at its very best
Like nothing before seen

Across the mighty heavens
A blue span is on show
The sky that surrounds us all
Is seen in rainbow’s glow

Sometimes it seems that nature
Loses what we see as norm
The indigo of the rainbow
Just like approaching storm

To end the colours of the rainbow
Is a shade of violet light
Which seems to be resplendent
Another approaching night

Put all the colours then together
Let the archway be on show
For in that arch is seen so much
Far more than just rainbow

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
September 1999
All Rights Reserved

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