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Crikey, I've just heard the news,
And it struck me like a rock,
For no longer will we see you Steve,
As you wrestle with a croc.

Some say you were flamboyant,
Took risks that were too great,
But you had that rare ability,
To both entertain and educate.

You were a man of passion,
And that will never die,
For although you may have left us,
We will always hear your cry.

I see our nation mourning,
For God has called you home,
But you'll never be forgotten,
By those now left alone.

You taught the world to look around,
At all God's creatures on this Earth,
Reminded us they had a place,
And just what they were worth.

So as you're called to Heaven now,
Still dressed in your khaki,
I can hear you call that single word,
As you stand and look, CRIKEY.

Walk on Steve so silently,
And enter through that gate,
For Heaven's gained an Angel now,
But the world has lost a mate.

Dark Blue Knight
8th September 2006
All Rights Reserved.

In memory of Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Hunter"

22nd February 1962 - 4th September 2006

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