I see youíve reached the crossroads
You seem filled with great concern
Not knowing which direction
That you should choose to turn

I can tell you that this happens
To us one and all
But I ask that you choose wisely
Or great will be your fall

Till now your journey has been simple
Until you did reach that "T"
But the choice of the road to follow
Is one thatís not easy

No one can really tell you
For you are free to use your mind
But the direction youíll be heading
Will guide what you will find

But if you have a moment
Before you choose what you will intend
Perhaps you will listen to me
The words of a dear friend

Stop and give reflection
Do not rush to reach your goal
For your future is before you
Be sure to keep control

I want to see your journey easy
So before you make that turn
Donít travel in my footsteps
From my errors please do learn

Life is filled with hills and valleys
Youíll be sure to make mistakes
But true friends will be beside you
For they never will forsake

There are those that will betray you
At times you least expect
At those times you will feel anger
But pause and do reflect

Thank those who did stay with you
To make your burdens light
They will have been with you through the valleys
And to the highest of the heights

May you not have many stumbles
But your choices lead your life
So turn in the right direction
Please choose the road thatís right

Try to lead a good life
Enjoy each new born day
At night you will rest easy
When the light does fade away

I pray you heed my guidance
As you seek your golden shores
For Iíve seen my lifetimeís journey
Now itís time for you to embark on yours

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
30th October 2008
All Rights Reserved

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