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The day dawned grey around me,
My mood was like the sky.
For both seemed so unhappy,
My love had said goodbye.

I walked out in the open,
My heart was filled with pain.
Tears were welling in my eyes,
I was crying in the rain.

Were the Angels crying with me,
From somewhere up above.
Did they feel the pain inside me,
As I cried for my true love.

I felt the raindrops falling,
Felt sadness of the day.
My love who’d been beside me,
Had quietly passed away.

I knew she was with Angels,
For that’s were she belongs.
But for a fleeting moment,
My selfishness was strong.

We’d had good times together,
Thought they would never end.
She’d been my lover and confidant,
But most of all my friend.

My friend’s now gone forever,
No longer by my side.
She has now finished on her journey,
Of life’s tumultuous ride.

Rest peacefully my dear one,
Whilst I await my end.
For when I’m finally called myself,
We’ll be together once again.

Then for all eternity,
We will never face the pain.
And I will know from that time forth,
There’ll be no more crying in the rain.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
12th January 2000
All Rights Reserved

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