Life is like a rose bush,
Some pretty flowers and lots of thorns.

If you are a leader you set the pace,
If you are a follower you try and keep up.

When you expect nothing,
You will never be disappointed.

Intention is a state of mind,
Action is doing something about it.

Look beneath the mask,
You may be surprised at what you see.

I must be a fool,
Me and my money are always parting.

Always look at the contents,
Not the container.

Love knows no boundaries,

If you cannot see,
If you cannot hear,
If you cannot speak,
If you cannot touch,
If you cannot hold,

Your love can still reach out and touch someone.

Without love a house is just a house,
With love it becomes a home.

Your conscience is a photograph,
Of your actions.

Fire and water make great friends,
But deadly enemies.

Knowledge is never an extra burden,
To carry through life.

Without rain,
We wouldn't need the sunshine.

If you don't know,
Simply say so.

To love others makes us happy,
To love only ourselves makes us lonely.

If you cannot be truthful to yourself,
It is impossible to be truthful to others.

Every heart has a doorway to love,
Don't keep it locked.

The past has been,
The future is yet to come,
The present is but a fleeting moment in time.

The more laws,
The greater the number of offenders.

If you stir the pond constantly,
You will find nothing but mud.

Do something,
Either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

A journey into the past,
Is just a backward step.

Love is an emotion,
Not just a word.

Be not afraid of death,
It is after all our ultimate destination.

Love with your heart,
Think with your mind.

Cherish always what you have,
Anything extra is just a bonus.

A dream is not a reality,
But you can work towards making it one.

Compassion and understanding have no monetary value,
But they are priceless.

On the ladder of life,
The rungs are not all the same distance apart.

You spend twenty-one years of your life,
Waiting to be twenty-one,
And the rest of your life,
Wishing you were.

A long day,
Is still only twenty-four hours.

The world has so much hatred,
Don't be the one adding to it.

The generation gap can be bridged,
Provided the bridge building begins on both sides.

A teenager is someone who thinks they know all the answers,
Before they even know the question.

The warmth of love,
Will always over-ride the coldness of hatred.

Each night precedes a new day,
Each new day brings sunshine into someone's life,
Let that someone be you.

Things always seem better in the past,
Because we remember the good times,
And not the bad.

One must always love oneself,
But not at the expense of others.

Treat your friends with kindness,
Lest they become your worst enemies.

Examine your inner self often,
You will always find room for improvement.

Never confuse love and lust,
One is a deep emotion,
The other a fleeting thought.

Never abuse another's trust,
It is the highest compliment you can receive.

If a man has no friends, he is lonely,
If a man has no love, he is lost.

A short cut,
Often leads to the longest journey.

Let the sun shine in always,
After all, half your life is spent in darkness.

Always try to be a better man today,
Than you were yesterday.

As far as I know these are all my own original quotes,  It may be that they were heard at a very young age, and they are imprinted on my memory, but I cannot recall them from elsewhere.  These are free to take and use if you wish
I would appreciate acknowledgement if you use them.

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