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Sometimes on my journey
As I do tote my load
I find that I am moving
Along the wrongful road

At times like this I ask You
To help just show the way
So I donít walk in darkness
But instead I see the day

For the steps that I am taking
Throughout this life of mine
Are the things that You are noting
Within that book of time

So please direct my footsteps
As I follow those You left behind
That way I will be walking
The way You had in mind

Itís not for me to choose the travels
Wherever those steps lead
Because I know deep down within me
Theyíll fill my every need

If I should stray away so easy
And leave those footsteps on the shore
Itís times like that I need You
So much more than eíer before

Iíll try to remember always
To talk to You in prayer
And all I ask in small return
Is You leave Your footsteps there

For our lives do have their burdens
And if I do what may be right
As I move along Your guidelines
One day Iíll see Heavenís light

For You promised You would leave us
Your steps for all to see
If we place our feet into those footsteps
Weíll share eternity with thee

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
7th October 2005
All Rights Reserved

1 Thessalonians
Chapter 3
Verse 11

"Now God Himself and our Father,
and our Lord Jesus Christ direct our way unto you."

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