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In the distance calling loudly
What is it I can hear
Ringing out across the valley
Wedding bells so loud and clear
As Im waiting for that special moment
That now is drawing so very near

How Ive waited for this moment
And how it seems so very right
Getting dressed so very special
In my gown of radiant white
Not long now to wait my darling
Then well be together throughout each night

I recall just for a moment
To that dance when we first did meet
You took me to the dance floor
And swept me off my feet
As we listened to the music
Im sure my heart did skip a beat

I knew just then Id found you
That you were that special one
Your love shone out so brightly
Just like a rising sun
And my life now filled with loving
Had only just begun

Then on one day not so long ago
You went down on bended knee
Your love shone out so brightly
Twas something I could surely see
You took my hand in yours and quietly
Asked me for your wife to be

We spent so much time together
Sometimes on the grass wed lay
Warmth of our love just glowing
Like the warmth of sunshines ray
Then set that date so special
In the merry month of May

This day has dawned so quickly
Soon I hear the bells begin to peal
Theres only one way to describe me
“Excited”, is how I feel
And for just a fleeting moment
I question, “Is it real?”

I know the answer to that
For your true love Ive surely found
And the bells that I hear ringing
Are calling with their sound
Soon well stand before that altar
And forever will be bound

Before I leave Ill pray to thank you
For something I could not foresee
For that something so very special
And Im sure that youll agree
Though many others may have found it
Our true love is you and me.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
28th February 2008
All Rights Reserved

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