Image By Dark Blue Knight

Look and see what’s all around you
Don’t let life pass you by
How can you ever see the real world
If you always close your eyes

If you take heed of what’s unfolding
Wherever you may go
You’ll see man’s great achievements
And the lowest of the low

Don’t close your eyes to the real world
See the hatred, pain and strife
Try to do the best you can
Throughout your own one life

For you have but just one lifetime
To give what you can share
To help solve our world’s problems
Showing others that you care

So with your eyes wide open
Tell me what you see
Can you see a world with no direction
Filled with hypocrisy

Do you see a world gone crazy
Of people being used
Of many poor and hungry
And children being abused

Do you stand by and let it happen
Allow things to continue
Or do you try a little harder
How much can one just do

One can make a difference
If they only will but try
You can start the slow rebuilding
You can hear the children’s cry

We seem to just ignore things
Let someone else reclaim
But we are that someone needed
To help ease this world’s great pain

What's happened to our families
What's happened to our God
Have we just forsaken all
And another path now trod

‘Tis time to turn around then
On this way turn our back
Return to the road junction
And select another track

Find the track that is there for us
If we open eyes and seek
For our God has shown it for us
But it takes more than just a peek

It takes something that’s much greater
Something I’m sure you’ve heard
It takes commitment to each other
And commitment to God’s word

If we all would dare to try it
We could turn this world around
Make it so much better
For all that walk its ground

Don’t close your eyes I beg you
But dare to do your best
Lend your hand to others
Learn to face the test

Closing eyes achieves but nothing
The world’s pain will linger on
If everyone would take a stand
Together we’d be strong

For we would never falter
We attain but what we try
For with our God and justice there beside us
We need not close our eyes

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th February 2000
Revised 16th April 2008
All Rights Reserved

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