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Oh, people out there,
Yes I mean you all.
Live your life whatever way,
But friends and family always recall.

Forget not those around you,
Nor those so far away.
For one will be too late,
To "get in touch someday".

For that someday maybe tomorrow,
What if today they’re gone?
Then forever you will regret,
You didn’t say "so long".

Even those around you,
Right within your very home.
May one day fail to return,
And you are left alone.

Left alone with memories only,
There’s nothing you can say.
To put things as they should have been,
But you forgot to say "Good day".

And even worse is time,
When loved ones disagree.
Then one leaves ne’er to return,
And no one said, "Forgive me."

To ask forgiveness is not easy,
But something you must do.
So you can hear those immortal words,
From loved ones – I love you.

For if those words be spoken,
Before you each depart.
Then so much easier will be,
The pain within the heart.

So never take for granted,
Any that you hold dear.
Because one day they will be gone,
Just when is what we fear.

So show your love to others,
That is the very essence.
A touch, a kiss, a tender hold,
Whilst you still have near their presence.

For once this world departed,
No more mere mortal lives.
‘Tis far too late for then to say,
"I’m sorry, Please Forgive."

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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