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The Land Down Under

So we live Down Under that's why the map is upside down.

Why the green and gold borders?

Green and gold are Australia's official colours.

As I build this section of my site, it will contain various facts and information about Australia, its people, its animals and its environment. There will be a number of pages of photographs both mine and others, which will show you an Australia away from the well known tourist spots. I have spent many years in the Australian outback so can give some insight from personal experiences. I also have a number of Australian poems that I have written and will add. I hope to share with you some of our best known writings as well as I have permission from a number of places to showcase their ©Copyright works.

If there is anything that you feel you would like to know about Australia and have added to this section, simply send me an e-mail and I will do my best to research the information for you. Although this site is Hot Link protected and has right click disabled, if anyone wishes to use any of the images, send me an e-mail and if it is permitted I will mail you those items directly. I hope that this will not only be an enjoyable section, but also one that can eventually be a resource for anyone wanting to find information on Australia.

I do my best to check the accuracy of anything I add to these pages, but please remember that I can only rely on the resources available to me.

In this section of my site I am replacing the Dark Blue Knight image for page links with the animated kangaroo and Australian map below.

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