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As we lay silent sleeping
Our mind is full of dreams
Of wishes for the future
Not things that might have been

What is it that we dream about
And sometimes cannot recall
I feel they are for inner peace
And happiness for all

Dreams develop in the mind
We do not have control
Perhaps within those very dreams
Our future will unfold

How many times have we just dreamt
Of things we want so much
Of things so far out of reach
We cannot seem to touch

But dreams can always happen
We can even make some true
Especially dreams of loved ones
The dreams of me and you

For if we dream together
The same dream most profound
Surely we’ll work towards it
And happiness is found

For if we work together
Towards a common end
Then surely that dream later
Will come true, my friend

So lay yourself down silent
Fall gently off to sleep
Let us dream a dream together
It matters not how deep

And when we both awaken
To face a new born day
Let’s share our dream together
And towards it work our way

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
30th June 1999
Revised 12th September 2008
All Rights Reserved

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