Photographs By Dark Blue Knight

Driving home one evening,
Back when I was a teen.
I chanced upon an accident,
The worst that could be seen.

I stopped just for a moment,
To show my deep concern.
But I did more than help that night,
There was also lot Id learn.

It was a clear and starry night,
The full moons glow did sheen.
Upon a mangled wreckage,
That once a car had been.

There was no other traffic,
The road was very quiet.
But nothing could prepare me,
For what I was about to sight.

I left my own car silent,
Approached the wreckage slow.
Although I knew I should speed up,
My feet just wouldnt go.

I think that somehow I knew,
Just what it was Id find.
I had this dreadful picture,
Already in my mind.

I had a dreadful image,
Of someones life cut out.
Just another road statistic,
But to me it had some clout.

Yes, tis true until that moment,
I shared most peoples views.
That road deaths may be tragic,
But treated them as news.

Now suddenly I am confronted,
With reality of waste.
A life cut short so suddenly,
Because of unknown haste.

I finally reached the wreckage,
See one person all alone.
It soon becomes most obvious,
Hes never going home.

Although Im not a medic,
Never even done First Aid.
I did not need some training,
To see his life did fade.

I looked around in hope forlorn,
To see if I could share.
I felt so ill within myself,
Being alone, just standing there.

I could not even call for help,
There was no one round to hear.
I just stood in utter silence,
And perhaps did shed a tear.

Why was I so affected,
What did it really mean.
What made this so very different,
From other things Id seen.

I think I learned a lot that night,
Things that never once did bother.
For in that mangled wreckage,
Was the body of my brother.

Somehow I had to strengthen,
There was so much to do.
Before I travelled homeward,
To relay the tragic news.

But even the worse things are kept silent,
Some things are never wrote.
For my brother sat there lonesome,
With a bottle down his throat.

Oh yes, he had been drinking,
And driving which is worse.
For alcohol and vehicles,
Are really such a curse.

I suppose I did so fleeting,
Recall the message told all time.
Do not ever drink and drive,
Yes, Id heard that same old line.

Id heard it many times before,
And treated it with scorn.
But suddenly it meant something,
On that cold and starry morn.

I resolved just at that moment,
To never drink again.
And from that day so long ago,
I continue to abstain.

Theres many years now passed by,
Since that night of such deep sorrow.
Wed both gone out for a quick drink,
And he never saw tomorrow.

If there was a single lesson,
That never passed me by.
On that night so long ago,
"There but for grace of God go I."

So please oh people listen,
If you value human lives.
Always just remember,
Dont ever drink and drive.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

Author's Note
(1) .. The photographs used as the main image are actual photographs taken by me of one of many fatal traffic accidents that I was required to investigate in my role as a Police Officer.  In this instance, the driver had an alcohol reading over six times the legal limit, yet he still chose to try and drive home, a distance of about one hundred kilometres (sixty-five miles).  Sadly he never made it home that evening.  I have a number of photographs that are much more graphic in details, but I chose these, because they clearly show the fact that alcohol was a cause. (Note the empty bottle of Bourbon Whiskey on the floor)  The driver had spent the evening at a hotel and then purchased a bottle of Bourbon Whiskey at about 10.00 pm.  He spent a few hours with others drinking and then left for home.   By 1.30 am he was deceased, the car had left the road and collided with a tree hitting it about 1.8 metres (6 feet) above the ground.  It is impossible to say what speed he was travelling on the road, but the speedometer was stuck on about 150 Kilometres (about 95 miles) an hour at time of impact.  He was someone's brother, someone's son and someone's friend.

(2) .. Although the story related in this verse is not true, I have used "Poetic Licence"  and much of what I describe has actually happened.  I have been driving home and simply come across yet another accident.  The only real difference is that the persons involved were not my brother, but being a Police Officer in a small country town meant that I knew almost everyone, so any accident I attended invariably involved someone known to me.  Please do not drive after you have consumed any alcohol or drugs, too many lives are lost in this way, especially those who are still young.

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