A Tribute To All Members
Of Emergency Services

During My Years Of Service As A Police Officer I Spent The Majority Of My Time In Small Country Towns. Because Of Their Small Size They Did Not Warrant Full Time Emergency Service Personnel. This Void Was Filled By The Use Of Volunteers Who Would Train And Have All The Skills Needed In Any Emergency.

To All Those Who Are Members Of

Fire Services
Rescue Services
Ambulance Officers
State Emergency Services (Australian)
Coast Guard
Royal Surf Lifesaving Association Of Australia
and any other organisation that provides a service to your fellow man, wherever you may be.

I dedicate this page to you all

Whether you are a full time Officer, or a Volunteer Officer I salute you.

Without your unselfish giving so many would suffer

Thank You All

Although I was a sworn Police Officer and therefore my first responsibility was as a Police Officer to my community, I actively became involved in many other Emergency Services. I was a member of the Volunteer Fire Service and the Rural Fire Service. I was also appointed as the Fire Warden for the area.

I had always kept my First Aid training at a high level and current and was appointed an Honorary Ambulance Officer in all towns in which I served.

I was also A Member of the State Emergency Service.

Through these involvements I came to know first hand the work and pressures involved with many emergency service tasks

We all owe a debt of gratitude to all Emergency Services Personnel

They are always prepared for service, no matter what the risk or discomfort to themselves. Their aim and goal is purely one of assistance in times of any emergency, in any situation. I have seen so many put their own lives at risk in order to save another. I have seen these men and women go days without rest or good food, and never complain. At times like that I always remembered 


Sadly That Is Sometimes The Result

Stop a moment and think about what you owe these unselfish dedicated men and women.

They give up their holidays, their home comforts, their peace of mind, working all hours in all weathers, for no other reason than helping a fellow man. Many times they spend so many hours purely because of another's foolishness, but they never give up or think they shouldn't be there. Try and imagine the joy on a parent's face when a lost child is returned to their arms, even though it seemed that everyone had given up hope, they still go on for as long as it is needed. This is what they do, this is what they are proud of, and their rewards come when the task is finished.

As a leader of these people in my role as a Police Officer, there were times when I simply had to force some to stop and rest a little while, they would just want to keep going beyond human endurance. Their roles are rarely recognised, but they know their importance and hold their heads up high with pride.

May an Angel watch over you always,

as you watch those in your community

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"Lest We Forget"
A Tribute To All Service Men And Women

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