I stopped a while and looked at all things,
Waited long enough to see,
Saw the beauty of Godís own creation,
But was I seeing Christ in me?

Saw the darkness slowly leaving,
And the beauty of sunrise,
A new day which was now dawning,
Truly a sight to brighten eyes,

I saw God in new sunlight,
Thought of our lives just like new day,
Started out with so much darkness,
But with God, Heíd light the way.

I know of God the great creator,
And through His Son things justified,
But I did then receive a message,
That I could follow if I tried.

Sun did rise above horizon,
Seemed to shine just where I stood,
No longer did I say impossible,
Because just then I knew I could.

Everyone and everything,
That we see throughout our days,
Came to us from the Father,
And for that we should give praise.

I had to learn just not to question,
And truly in the word believe,
Then my reward if I could do so,
Was for all my sins reprieve.

Should not forget for even a moment,
That through Christ all things are done,
Everything asked would then be possible,
By following the Fatherís Son.

"Ask and ye shall be given,
Come then gather in my name,"
These words by the Lord spoken,
When He came to make His claim.

Everyone here upon this Earth,
Should always use Christ as a guide,
And then on that day of reckoning,
Believers will be justified.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
6th February 2007
All Rights Reserved


Chapter 13: Verse 39

"In him every one that believeth, is justified."

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