Every Sunset Image By Dark Blue Knight

Every sunset ends another day
As colours fill the sky
Was all well with your world today
Or did someone make you cry

A sunset is so glorious
As the day draws to a close
But what may occur before next morn
Is one thing that no one knows

Take heart from all the beauty
In the colours that you see
Think for a moment of your loved ones
Wherever they may be

Stop and think for just a moment
Of the day that has now passed
Remember the sunset you are watching
Could be your very last

Don’t put off until the ‘morrow
What should be done today
Maybe you feel someone has wronged you
Put your forgiveness on display

To reach out with a heart of kindness
Is something that you must do
So all know that as the sun is setting
You give forgiveness that is true

Then as the night around you darkens
And you lay your body down to rest
You’ll find you have an inner peace
Because you’ve done what’s always best

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
10th February 2009
All Rights Reserved

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