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Flower in bloom,
April shower.
Petals falling,
From the flower.

Petals on the,
Ground I see.
Remind me much,
Of life and me.

Close friends I had,
Like flowers petals.
Most have dropped,
And elsewhere settled.

Caught by breeze,
Scattered round.
Petals fly,
Across the ground.

No more flowers,
The bloom is dead.
All we see,
Is dying head.

From that head,
Then does proceed.
Other flowers,
Grow from the seed.

Lots more petals,
Lots more show.
Friends all gather,
Again to go.

Stay together,
Throughout their lives.
Fight the fight,
Somehow survive.

Once again flowers in bloom,
Once again another shower.
See more petals,
Fall from the flower.

Life goes onward,
Through the years.
Beauty always,
Tinged with tears.

Tears for loved ones,
Tears all round.
Tears for petals,
On the ground.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th January 2000
All Rights Reserved


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