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When I awoke this morning
With no thoughts at what to do
Another night of turmoil past me
I was again just feeling blue

Iíd lain there silent in the darkness
As the hours did while away
Waited for the sun just rising
To begin another day

The night was long and lonely
Filled with my silent cry
Wonít someone give to me the answer
To my simple question “Why”

Yesterday had been so wonderful
And all around seemed so very right
Although I canít recall it
Something happened in the night

In the fight with my depression
That does just come and go
Sometimes reaching to the highest mountains
Then the lowest of the low

Although I try to hide it
Itís something I cannot do
So please try and understand me
When I am feeling blue

I once again will rise above it
But be careful where I tread
Seem to be living in a darkened twilight
With strange thoughts within my head

I reach out to hold onto something
That will help to see me through
So that brightness will surround me
Instead of feeling blue

You know I cannot help it
Must just let it fade away
Then the brighter side of me
Will once again be on display

May be just for a short time
Might be for a day or two
But Iím determined that Iíll beat it
And be no longer feeling blue

So to those around me
And to those who know me well
Iíve travelled this road often
And once again these things will quell

For when I reach that moment
Iíll again be bright and new
And pray it is the last time
That Iím ever feeling blue

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st March 2008
All Rights Reserved

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